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“I wanted to make a film that would give the people who took LSD at the time the hallucinations that you get with that drug, but without hallucinating. I did not want LSD to be taken, I wanted to fabricate the drug’s effects. This film was going to change the public’s perceptions.”

-Alejandro Jodorowsky on his never-made film DUNE.

The relationship between humans and films has always been inexplicably seductive. Cinema is the flickering light of entertainment that pierce through the gloomy banality of life, an ounce of hope that pacifies the pain, a dropper full of dreams that transcends deadening dimension of reality.

High on Films is not just another website; it is a shrine where we worship Cinema. Cinema can fix us—all our inhibitions, pre-conceived notions, and, dare I say, our bigotry. Cinema can fix all of that. We can be someone at the beginning of this journey, but as we watch films, we come out something else entirely. A changed man, a changed woman, or any other pronouns you identify as. The point is it causes the most significant metamorphosis we all must experience.

Our vision is to make watching movies an essential activity of the day. The world is going to the dogs, and the only thing that can still save us is the wisdom in art. There are books and music and painting, but don’t underestimate the medium of cinema. It takes only a few hours to initiate a transformation to be a better human. That is the most worthy exchange of your time—an improvement as a person.

The name “High on Films” is not just about the silly idea that films can give us a high, similar to what certain substances claim to give. It is also about the improvement we mentioned above. Making ourselves better, a higher being. Let’s be enlightened. Let’s be High on Films. 

At High on Films, we review films, write insightful essays and columns, and make great recommendation lists based on actors and filmmakers, and scenarios. We also do Films and TV explainers, as sometimes we all need a little handholding to understand a piece of content better. 

There are no discriminations about what kind of films we write about. From Studio Blockbusters to movies without money, we give them the same undivided attention. If it’s worth talking about, we like to write about them. 

So, once again, welcome to High on Films, have a look around, and go through those buttons on the Top Menu, there is a lot of reading material and film selections to do here. 

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